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Discounted / free tickets (max 1 pcs / year) for events, possibility to participate in our events as an artist / craftsman, various workshops such as carnage, yoga and various treatments
(first time free, next time -50% of normal price)


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Priority to become a business partner in our events, visibility in the marketing of EtnoSalo ry, such as social media and press releases (on a case-by-case basis). Opportunity for common pop-ups at events and other things than events. 


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The rules of the association

1. Name and location of the association

The association's name is EtnoSalo and its location is Salo.

2. Purpose and quality of operation

The purpose of the association is to maintain and support local multiculturalism through music, art and other cultural activities, to promote the individual's cultural hobbies, and to reform and develop the cultural concept of citizens.
To accomplish its purpose, the Association organizes:
  • organize cultural, discussion and educational events, workshops, festivals and parties
  • carry out research, information and publishing activities
  • take initiative for different authorities
  • cooperate with organizations in various fields.

3. Members

A person who accepts the goals of the association may be accepted as a full member. A supportive member can be approved by a private individual or a legal entity wishing to support the purpose and activities of the association. The Board of Directors of the Association accepts the full members and support members. As a Honorary Chairman or Honorary Member, a representative of the Board may invite a person who has greatly promoted and supported the association's activities at the meeting of the association.

4. Membership and Membership Fee

The annual meeting will be decided separately for each member group by the membership fee and annual membership fee from the full members and support members. The Honorary Chairman and Honorary Members do not pay dues.

5. The Government

The association is managed by a board of directors, consisting of a chairman elected by the annual meeting and two to eight other members and 0-8 deputy members. The term of office of the Board of Directors is the time between annual meetings. The Board of Directors elects a vice-chairman from among its members, and includes a secretary, a treasurer, and other necessary staff members from or among its members. The Board of Directors meets with the Chairperson or the Chairperson of the Vice Chairman when they consider it to be appropriate or when at least half of the Board members so request. The Board of Directors has a quorum when at least half of its members, including the chairman or vice-chairman, are present. Voting is resolved by an absolute majority. Voting is equally resolved by the chairman's vote, but in the election, however, the lottery.

6. Writing the name of the association

The name of the association is written by the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer, each individually.

7. Financial year

The financial year of the association is the calendar year.

8. Meetings of the Association

A meeting of the association may also be attended by a board or association meeting, either by post, or by means of a communication or other technical assistance during or prior to the meeting. The Annual Meeting of the Association is held annually on a date set by the Board in January-May. Each member, honorary chairman and honorary member has one vote at the meetings of the association. The support member has a presence and speaking right at the meeting. The decision of the association meeting shall, unless otherwise provided in the statutes, be the opinion supported by more than half of the votes cast. Voting is equally resolved by the chairman's vote, but in the election, however, the lottery.

9. Meeting the association's meetings

The board must convene meetings of the association at least seven days before the meeting, by mail, by phone or by e-mail.

10. Annual meeting

The annual meeting of the association deals with the following issues:

1. Opening of the 1st meeting

2. The chairman, the secretary, if necessary, two tellers are elected

3. The legality and quorum of the meeting shall be established

4. Adopt the Rules of Procedure of the Meeting

5. Present the financial statements, the annual report and the statement of the function inspectors  / auditors

6. Deciding on the adoption of the annual accounts and the discharge to the Board of Directors and other accountable persons

7. Establish an action plan, an estimate of revenue and expenditure, and the amounts of membership and membership fees

8. The Chairman and other members of the Board of Directors are elected

9. One or two function inspectors and one deputy auditor, one or two auditors and deputy auditors

10. Discuss other matters mentioned in the notice of the meeting.
If a member of the association wishes to receive a case for an annual meeting of the association, he or she must inform the board in writing in good time that the matter may be included in the notice of the meeting.

11. Changing the rules and dismantling the association

The decision to change the rules and dismantle the association must be made by a majority of at least three quarters (3/4) of the votes cast by the association meeting. The notice of the meeting must mention the modification of the rules or the dismantling of the association. When the association is dismantled, the association's funds will be used to promote the purpose of the association as determined by the dismantling meeting.