Festival 2019

Find out the program for EtnoSalo 2019 here!

The festival is on Saturday 27th of July 2019 from 12:00 to 03:00

Place: Cultural house Kiva and surroundings (Horninkatu 2, Salo)

Tickets: in advance 20€ / at the door 22€ (includes Bizarre evening party), etno@etnosalo.fi, Bizarre, Helsingintie 2, Salo


  • Market yard with foods, products and card reading

18:00 Kiva stage (tickets 20€)

  • Circus Lumica acrobatics show
  • ASSU

Place: Bizarre (Helsingintie 2, Salo)

Tickets: 10€ etno@etnosalo.fi, Bar Bizarre


  • Chrildren program
  • Non-stop workshops: Drumming by Gildas and Hoop Dance by Aylin
  • Face painting
  • Make your own art - station open (exhibition at the Night of the Arts in Salo 5th Sep 2019)

22:00 - 04:00 Ethnic party

  • Music from ES-OW

EtnoSalo reserves the right to changes.

Artist info:


A new band from Ulla Pirttijärvi (Solju) relying traditional Saame (traditions from the Finnish and Norwegian Lapland) style of singing. Stories of the songs tell about the river Uts and Angeli region. Harald Skullerud and Olav Torget add to the uniq style with various original instruments including percussions. The music consists of song with a strong beat but also material with very relaxed and open feel. Inspiration to their music also comes from West-African traditions.

Circus Lumica

This professional circus duo will showcase their talent in acrobatics. The show contains musical elements from ethnic origins.

ES-OW and the Ridial Band

This reggae ja afro-pop spesialist brings together musicians from Senegal, Cameron, Congo, Spain and Finland. Ridial means truth and the music is mixed with hiphop, afrobeat, jazz and funk music.