Voodoo Mask Exhibition
Experience the African voodoo culture with our one of a kind exhibition!

Do you want to discover the voodoo story? Come learn about the African voodoo culture at the grand opening of the voodoo exhibition at EtnoSalo Festival 2018 on Saturday the 28th of July! Discover the voodoo masks, learn the meaning of the symbols and experience the rituals. Come in with an open mind and learn the true meaning of voodoo in African culture.

In African cultures, the spiritual and the physical exist in close unity and this relationship influences many aspects of African societies. The connection between the natural and the supernatural, the visible and the invisible, the human and the divine is maintained in a state of balance through prayer and ritual. The earthly representatives of the spirit world - the priests, shamans and healers - occupy a central place in society, as the guardians of tradition and the pillars of African civilizations.

Masks are among the most fantastic works of African art and their variety and magic are unique. They appear when people reach their limits and when help is needed from the world beyond. Ancestors in particular, but also natural spirits, use the medium of the mask to reach the living and to make their wishes known. The majority of African mask faces have closed eyes - closed to this world, but open inwardly, to another.

Rituals play an important role in the African voodoo culture. They support the African society in their everyday life, from fertility rituals, to rituals to honour the ancestors. Every ritual starts with connecting the ancestral spirits.

In voodoo there are many different gods that represent voodoo aspects.

Just to name a few:

  • The god of sea, Mami-water. In Finland this is the god Vedenemo.
  • The god of thunder, Heviosso. In Finland this is the god Ukko.
  • The god of forest, Aziza. In Finland this is the god Tapio.

We are looking for people who have African voodoo masks of their own who would like to tell the stories and see them in the exhibition. So if you have an African voodoo mask and don't mind lending it to us for the exhibition, please send an email to etno@etnosalo.fi.

If all of this made you curious, come discover more at the grand opening of the exhibition at EtnoSalo Festival 2018! EtnoSalo Festival 2018 will be held on the 28th of July at Bizarre, Helsingintie 2, Salo.